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User Interface (UI) testing has gotten a negative vibe due to them being close to the top of the automation pyramid, where they are expensive and difficult to maintain. They are notoriously difficult to make fully deterministic, where determining the clear cause can be tricky for why your tests are sometimes passing and the next time failing. And with modern web-apps, UI testing is more critical than ever as business logic often resides inside the front-end.

Set Up

Cypress is based on familiar open source frameworks. Cypress.io sets out to fix those pesky, flaky, frustrating tests. With a fresh view on the test development lifecycle with an architecture not based on Selenium.


In this one-day training course you get to learn this new tool in a hands-on fashion. You will gain the knowledge and skills to apply what you've learned directly on your own projects.


The training days run from 9 am to 5 pm, including a break.

You will learn:

  • How Cypress is different from other web test tooling
  • How to setup and configure Cypress projects
  • How to create assertions on elements
  • To write well-structured Cypress web-tests
  • To create reusable functions
  • To write integration and unit tests
  • How to use mocking and stubbing
  • To run your tests in CI
  • To debug your tests

Target Audience

This training is suitable for developers or testers. Also suitable if you have implemented Selenium and want to improve it, or if you want to learn how to work with Cypress.


Duur: 1 dag
Cursusprijs: € 299
Totaalprijs: € 299
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